Sustainable Biofuels Solutions
Fueling the Future


Fueling the Future

Project Development

Developing a renewable energy project is a complex task requiring a broad range of capabilities and relationships. In addition to our innovative renewable energy technologies, SBS can execute a complete project development package including:

  • Project Finance

  • Insurance

  • Engineering

  • Logistics

  • Feedstock and Offtake Agreements

Product Engineering

SBS provides product engineering services based on established, leading-edge biofuel technologies. We can partner with you in all phases of the Product Development Cycle to help bring your product to production.

Operations and Maintenance

SBS offers a range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Management services, which include monitoring, management, and/or development of a comprehensive O&M plan for commercial maintenance management systems. We will deploy the specific expertise required to develop maintenance and repair procedures for all installed and rotating assets.

Our comprehensive O&M services ensure that original manufacturer's maintenance requirements are clearly translated into step-by-step maintenance plans. We ensure that adequate spare parts are available, that required labor skills are identified, and that work plans include appropriate life-health-safety procedures.

We can address all key O&M Management requirements, including:

  • Oversight

  • Submittal Review

  • Maintenance, Management, System Deployment & Operation

  • Asset Inventory

  • Creation of Maintenance Work Plans

  • Technical Library

  • Development of a Warranty Plan

  • Maintenance Management System Configuration

  • Business Practices & Operations Plans

  • Operational & Maintenance Reporting

  • Configuration Control

Research & Development

SBS maintains a rigorous R&D program. We have various renewable energy technologies under development in addition to Sublimax and CMD. Our goal is to create breakthroughs that will meaningfully reduce the capital and operating expense of future renewable fuel production facilities.


SBS provides consulting services and technology to companies developing new projects in the biomass industry. Our consultants offer practical solutions drawn from national and international experience, across a range of bio-based industries.

To ensure that a client's project plans are optimal, SBS works with their partners to analyze needs and objectives, budgets, time lines, and staffing. We draw on our extensive knowledge of the latest technology to find the most cost-effective approach.